Découvrez toutes les actualités du projet Voile Groupe Berkem à travers la publication d’articles spécifiques dans le domaine de la voile et la rédaction des carnets de bord d’Edgard Vincens :

Discover all the news of the Groupe Berkem Sailing venture with specific articles about sailing and the Mariner’s Diaries by Edgard Vincens:

Results of the ArMen Race 2023

All our congratulations to the skipper Edgard VINCENS and his crew who finished this frantic race on Friday 19th May by qualifying in the top 10 of the Class40 group! Aboard the Class40 “Groupe Berkem”, the crew took advantage of favourable conditions and a new boat...

What is the purpose of ballast on a sailing boat? 

Ballast is essential in the composition of a boat. It ensures the stability and balance of a yacht which, without the ballast, would pop out of the water like a cork! To understand how it works, you have to go back many years to when the first studies of boat buoyancy...

Buoyancy : Why don’t boats sink?

When by the river, children pass the time by throwing all sorts of things into the water. Branches, stones… From these life experiences, they all observe the same thing: the branch floats and the stone sinks. It is systematic. Since the stone is often heavier...