Sailing sponsorship venture

Why has Groupe Berkem committed to a sailing sponsorship venture?

Driven by values such as innovation, audacity and commitment, Groupe Berkem has committed to sponsor Edgard Vincens’ sailing venture for the next four years. Groupe Berkem Sailing is committed to supporting skipper Edgard Vincens in his Destination Grand Large venture. This project presents a challenge that resonates strongly with the values that drive Groupe Berkem: to be the first boat that reconciles sporting performance and ecological commitment. These are values that the group holds dear: their mission is to integrate plant-based chemistry into everyday life.

Groupe Berkem already offers, through its various subsidiaries, solutions that meet the challenges faced by Edgard Vincens: design of freeze-dried products and cosmetics (solid shampoos). Groupe Berkem offers a range of innovations and industrial expertise in support of this sailing venture.

The aim of sailing sponsorship for Groupe Berkem is to promote common values with sailing, which both require teamwork, performance and surpassing oneself. The objective is also to federate internal enthusiasm among employees around sailing.

Image du bateau sponsorisé par Groupe Berkem

The latest generation Class40

Edgard Vincens has 25 years’ experience as an offshore skipper, and has partnered with experienced manufacturers to sail in the Class40 circuit in the best possible conditions. The “Groupe Berkem” boat is currently under construction in Caen. The V1D2 shipyard has been a leader in the construction of Class40s for more than 30 years, and was ideally placed to build a reliable and high quality boat.


The design has been entrusted to Marc Lombard, a highly reputed and experienced architect in the Class40 category. In addition to meeting the technical and legal requirements of this category, the design of the boat is of paramount importance. It’s about making the right choices for optimal aesthetics, ergonomics and performance. That’s why this task has been entrusted to Lombard, whose Lift 40 V1 design won the 2018 edition of the Route du Rhum, and the V2 the 2022 edition. The “Groupe Berkem” boat will be a Lift 40 V2, which offers a considerable gain in performance, a modern and stealthy look compared to the V1. Its ergonomic deck plan and scow shape are defined by a very rounded nose tip, to generate significant gains in racing efficiency.

The boat is scheduled to be launched in March 2023. After a phase of testing and fine-tuning at sea, the boat will be ready for Edgard Vincens‘ first major competition, the Normandy Channel Race, on 4 June 2023.