Samuel Fahy

Portrait de Samuel Fahy, préparateur

Samuel Fahy, portrait of a boot preparer

Samuel Fahy was born on 4 October 1999 and lives near Les Sables d’Olonne. He began his career as a nautical technician and salesman for well-known brands such as Jeanneau and Bénéteau. He then took a year off sailing, which took him to the Mediterranean and off the coast of Africa. On his return, he joined Destination Grand Large as a boat preparer.

The role of a preparer is to ensure the reliability and performance of the boat at all times and to assist the skipper so that he can concentrate on the sport of sailing. This requires careful and continuous maintenance of the boat by checking for wear and tear and making repairs before anything breaks. He also manages the logistics of loading, unloading and cleaning the boat, and is permanently on call during the race. If the boat suffers a breakage that can be repaired, Samuel must meet up with it at any point and make repairs so that Edgard Vincens can set off again as quickly as possible.